Choosing Your Favourite London Limousine Hire

Published: 25th July 2011
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Limo hire London is the most popular hiring or rental service for a limousine in the whole of United Kingdom, also providing a vide variety in the style and models available. Most people who regularly indulge in London limousine hire find it tricky to choose the right or the most suitable model to match certain occasions or events. Limousine hire London provides several options to help people make decisions which would prove to be more correct for them, depending upon their personalities or the kind of events they would be attending. Given below are the details about the three most popular kinds of limo hire London models:

Hummer Limousine Hire:

Hummers were traditionally designed and produced for the US army only and were late made available to the ordinary citizens. It was only later that the Hummer limousine was created to meet the needs of people with a specific sense of living and style, after making several modifications to the design of the original one. However, it certainly does not belong to the category of cheap limousine hire considering the vast space it has to offer and most of these are even fitted with Jacuzzis. They are basically considered as a private club by most people as a hummer limo generally comes fitted with disco lights, dance stage and even fog machines. However, it can prove to be convenient or affordable if booked well in advance with a good deal or booked for several people so as to divide the cost.

The Porche Cayanne Limousine:

This is generally the most suitable choice for a limousine hire London. It comes with a well fitted flat plasma TV screen, disco lights for a party within the limo, LCD and laser lighting as well, a private partition also, climate control facility, posh looking leather seats and interior and an open bar containing hard and soft drinks. A Porche Cayanne limo is generally suitable for every occasion, be it a birthday party, or anniversary, or bachelor party, or school party or any other occasion, even a corporate one. A traditional Porche limousine can hold around twelve people and comes in primarily three colours of black, white and grey.

The Range Rover Sports Limousine:

This one again, cannot specially be called to belong to the category of cheap limousine hire in London but it is certainly one of the best limo hire London. It is also a new range introduced in the market of London limousine hire and is already quite popular amongst the people. It has a seating capacity of around fourteen people, which is quite decent. It also provides mirror ceilings and a full fledged body kit with alloy wheels of 22 Vogue. This limousine will also offer you all of the features and facilities mentioned above; however, it comes with a highly stylized look which is hard to find. If you are considering London limousine hire and are the kind of person who does not mind shelling extra pounds for exclusive style and luxury, then the Range Rover Sports limousine is the perfect choice for you and your guests.

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